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  • Didi on 2012-Nov-18 09:44:02 Didi said

    Princess our little Sheltie, is so happy that we have found Dancing Creek Farm. When we ask her if she wants to go to The Farm, she's ready to get in the car. For many years, Princess was a tehpary dog and visited nursing homes and pre-schools. Although she loved all the attention and everyone loved her, there came a time when she was too old and ailing and we took her out of the tehpary program. She was so sad when we had to board her; she just wasn't accustomed to being all alone in a cage. With Tamara and the Dancing Creek Farm, she blossoms into the loving, friendly little girl she was when she visited everyone. Princess is a people dog and gets treated as a person at THE DANCING CREEK FARM! We really appreciate Tamara and her crew.
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