Spring Walleye


 Both the St. Clair River and the Detroit River offers killer walleye in the Spring. The action starts in April with a mixed bag of Trout and Walleyes. Jigs tip with live baits works best in the cold water of early spring. As the water warms Walleye begin to spawn. During Spawn males become very active and limits are common. We suggest during this time to release the females (sows) to continue to procreate. When the water temperature near 50 degrees post spawn walleyes are really aggressive. Artificial baits resembling worms or minnows works well. Limits are common even for the novice. We use are small river boat where we take up to 3 anglers at a time. See cost page for pricing. All tackle and baits are provided.

Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie continues to be Michigan's premier walleye destination. There are probably more Great Lakes walleyes per acre in 250,000-acre Lake St. Clair than in any other lake in the world.
"Lake St. Clair and Erie walleye numbers are at a very high level," said Mike Thomas of the Great Lakes Fisheries Research Station at Mt. Clemens. "The fishing has been consistent for the last 8 to 10 years. It's difficult monitoring walleye abundance, though. Most of the information we get is from catch rates provided by anglers."

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